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 Every National Film Archive represents a film collection of particular nation. These films are in most cases unique. The Film Archive somehow resembles a museum or a library. But books are printed in thousand of copies, whereas one film has only a dozen copies, sometimes just one. If it disappears, that is forever. Therefore single film copies are seen as a cultural treasure, belonging not only to the particular state, but to all mankind. Films are documents visually depicting the time, the history of the century, the reflection of the people in there drama, joy, peaks and falls. The Film Archives working with unique archival heritage are protected by UNESCO.
To preserve "the moving pictures" for the future generations – that in UNESCO`s terms is the first and main duty of any national film archive.
The main responsibilities of Bulgarian National Film Archive at the moment are: to acquire, restore, preserve and store film and film related archival artefacts of the national and world culture; all kind of audio-visual documents with documentary, historic and cultural significance; to organize the film libraries by cataloging them and preparing the supporting documentation; to use the libraries for science and research; to screen films on education and cultural events.



In the Bulgarian Film Archive there are the following structural units.


Mrs. Antonia Kovacheva graduated Film Studies at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts of Bulgaria in 1980. Since then works as researcher at the Bulgarian National Film Archive, editor-in-chief of its bilingual (Bulgarian-English) almanac “Cinema and Time”, head of International Relations. Author of numerous publications on film in Bulgarian and international press. Winner of the Best Film Critic Award of the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers for 2000-2002. President of the Bulgarian Film Critics Guild 2007-2012, member of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) and its juries at international film festivals in Rotterdam (Jury president), Karlovy Vary, Leipzig, Cottbus, Troia, Oberhausen and others. Member of the Union of the Bulgarian Journalists and the Union of the Bulgarian Film Makers.

She is director of BFA from November 2013.

Sector Administrative

Sector Film Collection

Sector Information, Repertoire and Programming

Odeon Cinema


International statute

Since 1959 Bulgarian National Film Archive is a Member of the International Federation of Film Archives. By its international recognition it carries the responsibility to preserve the Bulgarian part of the world motion picture heritage.


Collection access

Significant part of the film collection is regularly shown at Odeon Cinema. Films are screened in the context of pre-prepared annual calendar with anniversaries, dates and events of Bulgarian and world cinema. They are organized in themes and cycles on a monthly and weekly basis. The program is often arranged in cooperation with related social, artist`s and film distribution organizations and also assisted by foreign embassie`s cultural institutes.
The Bulgarian National Film Archive stores non-film holdings – including the biggest cinema library in Bulgaria, posters, magazines, press cuttings, dialogue lists, photos, leaflets, documents and publications.
The film collection and non-film holdings of the Bulgarian National film Archive are available to artists, experts, students and filmgoers.
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The film archive is currently stored in several cities – Sofia, Stara Zagora and Belogradchik.
The main base where the film collection of Bulgarian Film Archive is held is located just nearby the Boyana Film Centre.
Reconstruction and building of a modern repository to collect the material from the country lies ahead.